Review: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.

The Fault In Our Stars Front Cover
The Fault In Our Stars is huge, so I am definitely a little late on the review. However, I read this book absolutely ages ago, and then I lost it. I have recently redecorated my room (which you can see on my other blog) and I finally found it again. I watched the film a couple of nights ago, and after thoroughly, traumatising myself, I decided to reread the book.

The Fault In Our Stars is a book about Hazel Grace Lancaster who suffers from cancer, and Augustus Waters who is a survivor. However, this isn’t a cancer book. It is an epic love story in which the characters happen to have/had cancer. After meeting at a cancer support group, Gus is instantly enraptured with Hazel. Hazel, on the other hand is reluctant to start a relationship. They are unfortunately, as you would say, star-crossed lovers, and it is far from smooth sailing.SAM_0409

I don’t think I have ever read a book that had me so connected to characters in which I shared absolutely nothing in common.  John Green’s writing is among the best I have ever read, with stunning details and descriptions. I have never cried or laughed or been so angry at a book before, and that is truly something spectacular. You know you have written the best story possible when the readers feel so emotional over the book. I believe if a writer can leave me reeling after the end of the book, and cannot get it out of my head then they have done their job perfectly.SAM_0410

This book, although described as young adult, is perfect for anybody young or old. I have never come across a single person that has not completely and utterly fallen in love with The Fault In Our Stars. And honestly, if you don’t love this book you really do have to let me know.

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3 thoughts on “Review: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.

  1. Great review! I also read it a while back, need to read through it again to jog my memory. I have yet to see the movie, really want to though. I completely agree about the characters, that’s where John Green is most brilliant as a writer.


    • I was honestly traumatised by the movie. However, not nearly as much as when I first read the book. I totally agree about John Green, his characters are amazing. Although, I own two of his other books and the characters were the only reason I kept reading. The Fault In Our Stars is, I believe, his best work. Thanks for taking an interest in my reviews!

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