Life After Limbo: Chapter 2.

Chapter 2.

It’s been two weeks since I arrived in limbo and I’ve explored everywhere I can possibly imagine. I walked for six hours in one direction and the landscape didn’t change even once. It’s just an endless stretch of field. Occasionally I ran across more voices and noises, but most of the time I’ve been alone. A few times, I thought that I’d seen someone else in the corner of my vision, but whenever I turned around there was nothing to see. So here I’ve been for two weeks wandering around like a lost soul, literally.

Time passes incredibly slow, and the days stretch into what feels like weeks. I’m getting tired of wandering. Tired of walking. Tired of not ‘moving on’. After two weeks here I can’t wait to actually die and see what lies beyond, but I’m starting to doubt that there is a ‘beyond’ and that this empty landscape is not all there is.

Again, I think I see someone moving behind me. This time I’m quicker and I finally see him before he sprints of into the distance, moving quicker than a cheetah. But nothing matters anymore, not the time, not the endlessness of limbo, nothing. I have seen his face and I know who has been stalking me all these weeks. He was the reason that I died. I went to his aid back in the land of living. I tried to save his life and instead it cost me mine. And now here he is tormenting me in death. I was so sure he had survived, so sure I had done my final good deed, but it turns out that is something else I managed to fail at in my miserable excuse for a life. Instead, he has decided to torment me for letting him die, for not being better, for not being quicker or smarter or braver. Super. I was a tormented soul in life and now I’m literally a tormented soul in death.

Keep reading xox.


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