Teen Wolf Summer Finale…


The summer finale of Teen Wolf was brilliant.
Alright, so I’m disappointed I have to wait till January but at least I’ll have something to get me out of the post-Christmas slump!!
Scott and Stiles?? Why did you not make up…? Come on, guys.tumblr_ntnmulMlmj1ty525so2_250

Also, kind of disappointed about the lack of Kira, but from what I’ve heard in the rumour mill, she is going to have her own episode in 5B. So, yay!tumblr_ntnmulMlmj1ty525so5_250

I don’t even want to talk about Liam, mainly for the spoilers, but also because whyyyyy??tumblr_ntnl53CkAr1ua01u0o1_250And I’m going to finish off with THANK GOD WE KNOW WHAT PARRISH IS!!!!
I’ve been waiting for all season and part of season 4 to find out the answer to the question What Is Parrish?? And now we know!!

tumblr_ntndcjrB131qd6g2co5_500And now the long wait until January begins…

Until next time…

Keep reading xox.


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