Review: Solitaire by Alice Oseman. 

The Blurb:

‘I don’t ever remember not being serious. As far as I’m concerned, I came out of the womb sprouting cynicism and wishing for rain.’

My name is Tori Spring. I like to sleep and I like to blog. Last year I had friends. Things were very different, I guess, but that’s all over now.

Now there’s Solitaire. And Michael Holden.

I don’t know what Solitaire are trying to do. And I don’t care about Michael Holden. I really don’t. 

My Thoughts:

I bought Solitaire after reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and also Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. I thought this book was also going to be about a girl finding herself though blogging; but oh, how wrong I was. 

The main thing I really liked about this book is that it is set in modern Britain and me, being British, felt like I could really relate to this book in terms of school and sixth form. Many books set in Britain actually fail to correctly portray how I experienced school and I’m so glad that Solitaire has finally filled that gap. 

Tori Spring’s character is well written and is like what most modern day fictional teenage girls are like; a loner with an intriguing backstory. Yes the character of Tori Spring is very clichéd but that doesn’t mean that I love her any less!! 

Again, this was another story where I could guess the plot as I was reading it, but maybe that is more to do with me than it is to do with the author. 

Besides from the somewhat predictable plot, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Solitaire and would encourage others to do the same. Alice Oseman has done a great job with this book and it would be a shame if it wasn’t read by many people. 

Until next time…

Keep reading xox. 


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