My TV Shows!!

Thought I’d make a post listing the TV series that I watch religiously and cry floods of tears when they finish!!

  1. Supernatural. Obviously. Who doesn’t love this. We’re probably one of the biggest fandoms on the internet. OCTOBER 7TH!!!tumblr_nopqqe8gs81t0qw2qo1_400
  2. Teen Wolf.tumblr_ntnmulMlmj1ty525so3_250
  3. Under the Dome.tumblr_nhlqk7sCGa1tqrc6ro1_400
  4. Modern Family.tumblr_mz1yciDWv31ryt548o1_500
  5. *just going to leave a space here for Shadowhunters*tumblr_npcz574aEc1utus7do1_500
  6. The Flash!! OCTOBER 6TH!!!!! *excited*tumblr_ndv0jf6ZYN1rm8kcso1_500
  7. Dexter! Although the finale…well. I don’t want to talk about it!!tumblr_n2pnoht3K31rjyu1eo1_500

What are your favorite series?!?

Until next time…

Keep reading xox.


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