Review: The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Movie!!

tumblr_nch0sdkejS1su9abzo1_500As you all may know The Maze Runner series is one of my favourites and today I watched the movie The Scorch Trials and so I thought I’d do a quick review!!

I’ve been waiting ages for this film to come out after how much I loved The Maze Runner. (Well who wouldn’t Dylan O’Brien)maze-runner-the-scorch-trials-isn-t-your-average-ya-movie-here-s-why-bleh-606078

And so today I took a trip to the cinemas to see the film.scorch-trials-minho-thomas-quote-gif

I really enjoyed the film (although 12A?! I don’t think so, that was scary as hell) and thought it was brilliantly done. The only thing that I have to say is that it’s either been a long time since I read the book and it has completely gone out of my brain, or the film strayed a fair bit from the book. I guess I’ll just have to reread to solve that problem.

I encourage everybody to go and watch this, unless like me, you are a complete wuss and don’t like any kind of horror. Although I made it through simply because Dylan! Please, this one is worth a trip to the cinemas, even if my review is a bit late. There’s still time!!!

Until next time…

Keep reading xox.


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