Harry Potter Studio Tour!!!

Okay, so many of you won’t know this, but on Christmas Eve I turn 21, and as an early birthday present my mum and sister, surprised me with a trip to the Warner Brothers’ Studio Tour. I had absolutely no idea!!

Anyway, I just thought, seeing as though us Book Junkies are all Potterheads at heart that I’d upload some photos of my day!!

As you drive up, there are several of the Harry Potter chess pieces from Philosopher’s Stone. (I do apologise for the bad photography, but it was a dull, rainy day and as it was a surprise I only had my iPhone camera to take pictures with)


Next up, you get inside the lobby and there are pictures of the cast up on the wall, along with a Ford Anglia hanging above your head.IMG_0474

Then heading into the queue you get to see the smallest set every made for a Harry Potter film, which is of course the cupboard under the stairs.IMG_0476


After this you head into a little cinema to watch a short film and once the film was finished you head into the magic..IMG_0480IMG_0486IMG_0495IMG_0506IMG_0238IMG_0233IMG_0197IMG_0169IMG_0192IMG_0170IMG_0168IMG_0160IMG_0221IMG_0155IMG_0236IMG_0142IMG_0237IMG_0133IMG_0122IMG_0117IMG_0502IMG_0512

The true magic of Harry Potter was all the hard work that thousands of people put in to make every detail of the movies stunning (we forgive you Michael Gambon)c0297ce0-eada-0131-c071-0eb233c768fbWe are, and always will be the Potter Generation!!original

Until next time…

Keep reading xox.


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