My To-Read Pile!!

Recently I’ve been buying so many books but I’m resisting the temptation to read them until I go on holiday in a couple of weeks. I thought I’d keep you guys updated with what I’ve been buying though!

First up.. The Inifinite Sea by Rick Yancey. I bought this mainly because I read The 5th Wave and so the sequal seemed like a good idea to buy (even though I wasn’t particularly fond of The 5th Wave).

Then I’ve got United As One by Pittacus Lore because I’ve read all the others in the series and I had this one pre-order for so long that I had completely forgot that I had bought it.

Then of course there is All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher because well..Carrie Hope Fletcher.

All The Bright Things by Jennifer Niven is another one that I bought mainly because I’ve heard such great things that I wanted to read it for myself.

Then sticking in the Fletcher family I’ve got Always With Love by Giovanna Fletcher which I bought because it is the sequal to Billy and Me which was simply superb.

And finally another Carrie Hope Fletcher book On The Other Side is Carrie’s debut fiction novel and I am so excited to read this (another one that I’ve had one pre-order so long that I’d forgotten about it).

If anyone has read any of these books please let me know what you thought of them!

Until next time…

Keep reading xox.


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